Drone Services

We are a premiere drone service company that offers everything, from photography and videography to creating a 3D map of your property! Our team are some of the most dedicated and most knowledgeable experts in this field, making sure that they deliver on your exact vision.

Drone Expert

Our team of engineers and experts are well-trained in the composition and practical use of drones of all kinds!

Ultra High Definition

Our drones come equipped with state-of-the-art ultra-high definition 4K cameras that can capture even the most minute details from afar.

Budget Friendly

Our services ensure that you get the best quality for a reasonable and modest price!

Speeded Work

You can expect a speedy service and quality of care that is unmatched in the industry!

Selecting FlyGuys for Custom Drone Services

We use FlyGuys software inputs in our drones to ensure that the productivity of our drones are at peak performance and that they always deliver on your vision! The inputs of FlyGuys will help save time and costs on certain aspects of your project, and will give you a much smoother drone experience overall.

Our Drone Services


Our drones are equipped with the latest LiDAR technology that expands the possibilities of the uses of drones, helping map out areas with great efficiency.

Drone Inspections

Our team ensures that all drones that are in use go through a series of tests and inspections before they are sent out.

Industrial Photogrammetry

Our drones are capable of capturing images and recordings of physical objects, and interpreting them to provide accurate information of the object.

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